CCW CLASSES $225 CALL FOR DATES AND TIMES 847-782-8888 class fee covers your qualification fee as well!




Caliber Gun Range strives to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Our sales associates who work in the armory, the instructors who facilitate lessons and the rest of our team strive to make sure you are having a great time in our facility.

We have custom made ventilation systems utilizing the finest technology available. This provides a clear range with no gunpowder residue, coupled with shredded rubber backstops over bulletproof plates, ensuring no lead dust in the bays. There is no recycled air, which means you’re shooting in a clear and clean range. Try out one of our 22 state-of-the-art lanes equipped with touch screens and advanced targeting. Eight of our lanes are set up for full tactical training and certification! 




1st additional shooter - $15 

2nd additional shooter - $25

$25 single shooter - Handgun

$35 Single Shooter - Long Gun

(add $15 for second shooter, add $25 for third shooter)

1/2 HOUR

$20 single shooter - Handgun

$30 single shooter - Long Gun

Precision Ready Membership: $350/year

Unlimited use of Alpha and Bravo Ranges during the week.  Weekends limited to 1 hour

Tactical Marksman Membership: $950/year

      Unlimited use of Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Ranges.  Alpha and Brovo limited to 1 hour on weekends.

                          No Steel Targets

Additional Shooter $25

Gun Rentals $20  (Up to three times.)  You are required to purchase ammunition from Caliber for rental guns.



Must be holster qualified by a Caliber Instructor 

( Call us for availability and pricing)


$75 per person 

$50 per member

*HANDGUN ONLY & STEEL SHOOTS UP TO .45 CALIBER (Rentals by request)         



  1. No steel ammunitions of any kind (steel case, steel core, steel tip or green tip) $50 fee for anyone shooting steel ammo!
  2. No buckshots (00 Bucks are okay), target loads, BB’s, pellet guns
  3. No drawing from the holster in A (Alpha) and B (Bravo) Lanes.
  4. No open carry inside our facility except for our staff and instructors.
  5. Do not pick up brass or spent casings off our floor, unless you let the RSO know you are policing your own brass casings.
  6. Out of state residents need their state ID
  7. Waiver must be completed before entering the range
  8. NO OPENED TOED SHOES if you come in with opened toed shoes you MUST request booties to put over your feet!
  1. No uncased firearms anywhere in the store. If you must uncase your firearm please let our staff members handle your firearms for everyone’s safety.
  2. Only uncase your firearms inside the shooting lane with the muzzle pointing down range.
  3. Do not walk your gun from prep table to your lane or vice versa.
  4. Must follow and respect Range Safety Officer’s directions and orders.
  5. No food or drinks inside the range.
  6. No smoking or vaping inside the range.
  7. Minimum age is 8 years old.

Rules are subject to change at anytime.

Our friendly staff reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.